Dining in Lyon

This restaurant has the rustic exterior that you would expect to find in France. The menu consists of Asian food. If you are planning to eat here on a holiday, you should make reservations because the restaurant can get full quickly. The sushi is freshly made each day. It is one of the top items on the menu. The chef will come to your table and demonstrate the proper way to prepare sushi if they are not busy.

Le 14 Fevrier
This is a classy French restaurant that is modern in design. Only 14 people can eat in the restaurant at one time. The chocolate mousse is a delightful dessert. Champagne or wine can be ordered with your meal. Breads are served before your meal, but you should not eat a lot because the main dishes are filling.

Les Ardets
If you want a cozy place to eat with someone special while you are in France, this is one of the places that you should visit. The risotto is one of the best dishes, and the crème brulee is a dazzling dessert. The front of the restaurant has curtains in the windows so that you have privacy from the outside world while you are eating. There are three different menus to choose from.

Au Petit Bouchon Chez Georges
Whether you are getting the salad or a bowl of fish stew, the items on the menu are sure to leave a flavorful taste in your mouth. Many of the dishes are different than what other restaurants serve. Braised potatoes are a nice compliment to the steak, or you can get a thick fillet of white fish.

You don't have to go to Japan to get a wonderful Japanese meal. If you order off of the set menu, you receive four courses that include a dessert and appetizer. If you don't like Japanese, you can order from the French menu. The lobster is one of the top items that people order.

La Tassee
You are in for a sweet treat when you visit La Tassee. The pastries are light and fluffy, and they melt in your mouth. The sauces that come with the pastries are fruity and delightful. The restaurant has two rooms that you can eat in. each meal comes with a sampling of cheese from the area.