Shopping in Lyon

Rue de la République
This is by far the most popular pedestrian shopping destination in the entire city of Lyon. This is the place where locals and visitors alike come to spend time with one another and where several festivals and events are held throughout the year. Between Monday and Saturday of each week, the shops are open. Stores sell everything from home goods and clothing, but it is not an area where shoppers will find upscale purchases or designer boutiques. Two other roads run alongside Rue de la République and offer similar shopping opportunities. These are the Rue de Brest and the Rue du Président Edouard Herriot.

St. Antoine Market
Located between Quai St Antoine and Quai des Célestins, the St. Antoine Market is a must visit shopping destination for anyone interested in purchasing fresh local food ingredients or homemade goods made in the traditional Lyon fashion. It has been a central location for decades, but the market is open only during the mornings between Tuesday and Sunday.

The various regions of France is known for producing spectacular wines, and Lyon is certainly no exception. Visitors and locals who want to purchase the best of local wines to drink or to bring home as souvenirs should be sure to visit the Vercoquin. This wine store boasts thousands of different varietals and even allows shoppers to open and taste their newly purchased bottles right in the connected wine bar.

While there are many traditional French shops and markets in Lyon, there are also plenty of exotic and fascinating stores offering wares from around the world. Bahadourian is one such example. The large shop sells all things exotic including Asian toys and handmade crafts. It is also the perfect place to get a taste for North African foods and desserts, which are sold warm and ready to eat right in the store or the adjacent cafe.

Vieux Lyon
This older section of the city boasts Renaissance architecture and medieval buildings sure to impress. It is also a center of commerce for locals and tourists alike. While streets like Rue St. Jean and Rue la Boeuf are home to a large number of stores and cafes, the clientele is typically international visitors. Prices may be higher here than in some smaller shops outside of the city center, but there is no better place to find souvenirs and handcrafts made right in the city of Lyon.